Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Digital Audio Recorder Fiasco

I was excited. Last week, I ordered an audio recorder for my iPod off of Amazon and couldn't wait for it to arrive. Day after day I eagerly awaiting its arrival in the mail and finally, after nearly a week, it came. However, when I went to plug it into my iPod, I was dismayed when the screen said, "software not supported by this iPod."

Well now I was thoroughly annoyed. First because I was disappointed my new toy didn't work, and secondly because now I was out of $28 plus shipping on the device. Fortunately, I capitalized on my parents' visit to Gainesville and my upcoming birthday. After hearing my whine about my problem, they decided the perfect gift would be a new iPod. So off to Target we went.

After purchasing my new video iPod, I couldn't wait to get in the car and plug in the recorder. But once again, I was disheartened. Now my iPod was too advanced for the recorder I purchased. DANG IT!

So off we went to Best Buy and Circuit City to search for a recorder that would work with my new iPod. Well, neither story had anything and my depression was going. Really, I just wanted to curl up into a ball and pretend none of this was happening. Then my dad had the idea of calling Radio Shack at the Oaks Mall. Personally, I thought this would be hopeless considering Radio Shack's spotty history with high prices and such. But, to my great pleasure, the guy on the phone, Robert, said that they had one recorder left that would work with my video iPod.

So we quickly turned out family van around and headed towards the mall. Finally, I could record and have a groovy iPod to flaunt to all of my friends. It was great! I recorded my self with the cheesy, "Test 1...2...3." the first time around and uploaded it to my iTunes. Granted, I hate the sound of my recorded voice, but hey, I was amused.

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Brooke Seidman said...

I absolutely hate when things like that happen. Not only is it depressing that your product doesn't work, but it's annoying and expensive to try to amend the situation.

I'm glad your new recorder worked out for you. Is it difficult to use with your Ipod?