Thursday, January 18, 2007


Greetings everyone. My name is Gordon, and I created this blog as a place for my to talk about digital learnings, software and all things electronic. Although I don't have the strongest background in any of these areas, I am hoping to have a better understanding by the end of the semester, and hopefully will be able to apply those skills to my future jobs.

On the most basic level, my favorite computer program is AIM. Granted this is a cheesy first post, AIM helps me stay connected with my friends, family and students (and relatively cheaply for that matter). Although I hopped on the AIM bandwagon late in life (my sophomore year of high school), it has become a staple in my day-to-day life. Not only am I able to see what my "buddies" are up to by checking their away messages, I am able to talk with them instantly. Gee, maybe I've become obsessed.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see someone else likes AIM too. It's just so quick to chat. And for long distance it's a lot cheaper too. Have you ever sent files through AIM? Word docs for assignments? We tried to do this on campus through Yahoo! chat. The university blocks file swapping -- even for academic purposes.

Micky McMillan said...

Hi Gordon, I'm with you. I was even more a late arrival to AIM that you, in my early fifties - it stretched my multi-tasking abilities on the job to the max! but it is superb for just that - multi-channel communicating without taking much time to do so. Best communication tool that's come along ever.