Saturday, February 3, 2007

Portable Hard Drives

Okay, cleary I've been spending way too much money on new technology over the last few weeks, but it's been fun nonetheless.

During the digital recorder debacle last weekend, I was walking through Best Buy, depressed that they didn't have the recorder I wanted, and stumbled upon a rack full of portable hard drives on sale. Granted, I don't know much about these things other than that they're used for storage. Anyway, I bought one that was 80G for $79.99. Is that a good deal? I really don't know.

As I'm writing this post, I'm installing it onto my desktop. Since my computer is getting kind of old (I've had it almost six years) I decided it might be a good time to backup all the files on it (hence why I spent the $80). Although I haven't gotten it fully up and running, I am optomistic that this will help me save all my digital pictures, documents and such in a safe manner, without risk of losing them.


Meredith Cochie said...

You are so savvy.
Now, you can take your stuff anywhere.

Glenn Richards said...

Storage is so cheap these days and getting cheaper all the time! A dollar a gig is a decent deal, but there are so many good deals out there I'd have recommended springing for more than 80GB. I can't even fit all my music on my 80GB drive and ended up buying a 500GB Western Digital MyBook for about $200 back during Christmas.

External hard drives are awesome for storing or backing up your photos, music and documents. Enjoy!