Monday, January 22, 2007

Great Grammar Podcast

So I was being a nerd this morning and reading CNN's Web site and saw an article titled, "'Grammar Girl' a quick and dirty success." I'll confess that I thought some grammarian had been involved in a National Inquierer-like scandal that had turned heads, but actually the story ended up being about a grammar podcast that has soared in popularity recently. Since I teach grammar and basic writing, I was intrigued and immediately opened my Itunes to search for the podcast series. To my surprise, there was almost 40 podcast in the series. I subscribed to the service and found a wide range of downloads from the difference between lay and lie, and another explaining colons. It's grammar lovers' podcast heaven!

To find the podcasts for yourself, log onto Itunes and search for "Grammar Girl's Quick & Dirty Tips for Better Writing." They're fab!


Shannon Mac said...

Dirty grammar girl, sounds hot. I am actually going to listen to this podcast, after reading your blog. The combination of those two acts makes me dorkier than you. HA.

Queen of Bohemia said...

Thanks for sharing the dirty grammar girl with us. I, too, will use this in both my speech and writing classes.