Sunday, February 11, 2007

Buying Technology

Over the last few weeks I've noticed that finding, and buying, reputable technology is quite the daunting task. I always figured that Best Buy was the end all for techonological needs, but over the last few weeks I've found that stores like Target and Radio Shack are other viable outlets for new stuff. However, I've found that expertise at all of the above stores is lacking. Sheesh, why is it so difficult to find an expert on every question I might have? Is that so much to ask?

If I had an unlimited amount of money, just buying whatever piece of technology I want would be easy. However, since I live off of student loans and a teaching stipend, I often rely on the unofficial advice of the store clerks. Oh, well.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that the frustration of technology stores? You will probably end up educating them about what the stuff can do!

SONIA said...

Ha Ha. This is so true. The problem is most of these people (often young) are there for the extra cash, not because they know anything about what they are selling. We can dream of the day when stores like Best Buy or Radio Shack care enough to spend the money to either train these folks or pay a little more for people with some actual technological knowledge. Technology doesn't come cheap, and we should have the help we need to make the right purchases especially when you live off student loans!

Queen of Bohemia said...

It drives me crazy when the store clerks act like they know something and I know they aren't educated on it. How can they get away with it? We realize their trick and catch them, but what about all the little old ladies buying their technology for the first time?

Glenn Richards said...

I never rely on store clerks and always research my purchases online, first. In fact, I try to buy them online, too ... saves a ton of money sometimes.

For reference: try or for their technology reviews and ratings.

For purchases: Try,, or You can also find good deals by checking or one of the other comparison shopping sites. many times will have the best price.

I also like Circuit City, believe it or not, especially over Best Buy. They have some great sales from time to time and their website is cool because it features customer reviews of products which can be very helpful.

Theresa said...

Well written article.